On the way back to Honshu with the Ishikawa Triathlon Dojo team. That was a very nice race with a terrible run course in the heat with no shadow. I will have results later, maybe tomorrow.

2012/08/19 , 🏊, 1510m, 29m, 1m55s/100m, 3.1km/h
Sagishima Triathlon Swim part

2012/08/19 , 🚴, 42.88km, 1h16m, 1m46s/km, 33.9km/h
Sagishima Triathlon Bike part

2012/08/19 , 🏃, 10.51km, 55m, 5m14s/km, 11.5km/h
19/08/2012 Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan