(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

is what I am up to now. I picked this idea from Gosha.

is a Japanese word that means "now".

Working : After a little with Golang, GraphQL & ReactJs, I am now working on a project with Ruby on Rails + ReactJs.

Reading : tales to my son, mainly :-)

Listening : good old rock and prog. music from the 60's 70's. Do you know Jericho Jones, Armageddon, Captain Beyond ?

Playing : with my Fender Jazzmaster when I have a little bit of time, which is not often.

Learning : while working, Golang, GCP and more recently stuff from Rails related front-end (Hotwire, TurboStream etc...), I prefer this approach than React's one but unfortunately it is not widely known and used yet.

Reorganizing : my home office to have a double desk in L shape, one standing and one sitting. I have not been sitting at a desk in quite a while.

Updated on : 2023-06-18