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2 working spaces I have been using recently. First in Miyazaki city is in @wakakusa_hutte café 2nd floor, your rental comes with a 400¥...


Short trip in Kagoshima with @canae_nakayama . Discovered Nagashima and fell instantly in love with the island. Also not too far the...


First run of the year, thinking of my dad who would have turned 75 y.o today...


Quick 2 days in Tokyo. Took off from Kagoshima airport. You can see Sakurajima in the back. Fixed gear bikes still big in Tokyo. Not...


Tough day at the office! Tsuwabuki Half-Marathon in Nichinan. Conditions were perfect with a clear blue sky and pleasant temperature....


Running encounter. Weed was cut on the banks of the river recently and this snake is probably confused about its living environment...


Nippon-African vibes in Aya-Cho . Hozu san playing the kora (21 string harp). Thank you @yawara_ya for the great musical evening.


Morning short ride in Aya to the bridge, fantastic weather. And as a proper Frenchman I bought the bread 🥖 on my way back home.


I have not surfed a lot this year but yesterday was a beautiful day in south Nichinan! This is a shot I took of @takayakamma surfing...


That was a nice view to have when waking up. Bye bye ricefield! Hopefully it also means that finally autumn will set up.


Des arbres dans la ville, entre béton et bitume 🎵


Very pleasant dinner with @canae_nakayama at Jo no hira (地鶏庵 城の平) in Aya. Not expensive and great service.


Mini road trip this week-end with @canae_nakayama . First stop in Takaharu at the onsen and then stay at @sumrsurf office on a unique and...


Perks of countryside : grabbing some fresh water from the source during the ride.


One more trail run at Inohae valley. Absolutely no one all the way up and down.


They did a great job @cafe.zeal . Beautiful mezzanine and nice place to chill.


梅雨 長すぎ


Ciel impressionniste au dessus du mont Takachiho.


Met a celebrity on my short run today! From and to the onsen. Hot and humid but still bearable for a jog. (Still went first to the cold...

Snorkeling and free diving in Ko-uchiumi with @sumrsurf a few days ago, water was not very clear but we could see a wide range of fishes.


My usual run from home. To the sports park and back. Fun thing : thanks to the rain season the track field was covered with mushrooms! ...