2014/06/01 23:31,

Triathlete nightmare :D

2014/06/01 20:20,

Tags: funaoka, craff

My shibori (tie-dye) t-shirt on previous pic was made with the help of the ladies from Guru Guru. They have a booth here too. #funaoka #craff


2014/06/01 20:03,

Beautiful day for the Funaoka Craft camp/market. @machayokan and friends are selling some food and drinks again at this event. Oishii yo! :-)


2014/06/01 19:38,

Tags: funaoka, craftcamp

I think I finally found a perfect middle between sitting and standing desk. You're standing AND sitting :-) feels really comfortable. For 4500 yen I am going to give it a try. #funaoka #craftcamp