I am far from being in my best shape and condition but tomorrow I will participate to the : 8k of kayak in the sea of Japan at Kaike, 23.5k ride hill climb to Mt Daisen and 3.5k hike to the top of Daisen. I will team up with my English fellow Lloyd S. Wish us good luck during the kayak, we will need it :-)

2015/10/17 , 🚣, 8km, 56m3s, 7m00s/km, 8.6km/h

2015/10/17 , 🚴, 24km, 1h25m, 3m32s/km, 16.9km/h

2015/10/18 , , 3.5km, 2h, 34m18s/km, 1.7km/h

Well I was really not sure to see this one today. I was already having cramps at the start of the hike... Thankfully Lloyd was in better condition and finished way before me!