2016/09/24 21:51,

After 10 days of miserable weather super happy to be outside (dry) again! 🚴🏻Rode the bike to the field 🌱for a little work. Too bad few seconds after this pic on my way back I got punctures on both my tires!!🙁 First time in my life... field path + road bike : not a good combination...


2016/09/24 , 🚴, 11.01km, 23m24s, 2m08s/km, 28.2km/h
Morning Ride - to the field

2016/09/24 , 🏃, 13.32km, 59m36s, 4m29s/km, 13.4km/h
My longest run this year (yeah only one hour...) and surely my best one, first at pace and pushing a bit in the last 10 minutes.