2017/04/15 22:54,

That was a good ride in great weather. Towards the end I bumped into a group at the konbini. (I don't spot riders often so that was a surprise). That was the Rapha social ride, the Rapha van is at the velodrome, I am going to check what is going on there now.


2017/04/15 18:30,

Tags: cycling, triathlonlife, miyazakicity, training

Vintage jersey of the day, Belgium colors flavor one! Let's ride! #cycling #triathlonlife #miyazakicity #training


2017/04/15 , 🚴, 50.12km, 1h55m24s, 2m18s/km, 26.1km/h
Morning Ride in shorts yeah!! Bumped into Rapha social ride at the Konbini!