Unrelated to this picture I got a good news today, my application to Long Term Resident visa has been accepted. This is quite an unusual visa that few people receive I think (I had to write a motivation letter to explain why I wanted to stay). It is not the permanent visa unfortunately but I am happy to get it. That’s what you can have when you are self-employed and divorced with no relatives in Japan. It’s only a 3 years one also despite being in my 12th year here, but that’s ok, there won’t be issue to renew it anyway. (Yes I should have applied way before to the permanent one but I did not)

2018/05/22 , , , 1h, ,
Training #10 Yoga #1 Not really a training (at my level) but good for the body anyway

2018/05/23 , 🏄, , 1h, ,
Training #11 Surf #2 Some good paddling, a couple of very nice waves ridden