2018/07/08 , 🏊, 1500m, 29m7s, 1m56s/100m, 3.1km/h
Race Day! Swim part of Miyazaki Seagaia Triathlon. Lateral big waves! Time as expected, 18/202 in 40-50 group

2018/07/08 , 🚴, 40.1km, 1h12m42s, 1m49s/km, 33.1km/h
Race Day! Ride part of Seagaia Miyazaki Triathlon. Controlled my conservative pace as planned. lost many places

2018/07/08 , 🏃, 9.5km, 44m45s, 4m43s/km, 12.7km/h
Race Day! Run part of Seagaia Miyazaki Triathlon. Felt ok and caught back a bunch of people. Finished the race 19/197 in my age group!