2019/06/27 , 🏃, 9.1km, 45m22s, 4m59s/km, 12.0km/h
Despite heat and humidity, tried to unleash the kraken for 5k. That was tough. Back home very easy with a splash in the ocean before.

2019/06/27 22:04,

Tags: トライアスロン, トライアスロントレーニング, triathlontraining, triathlonlife, ラン, running, 練習

My usual run from home. To the sports park and back. Fun thing : thanks to the rain season the track field was covered with mushrooms! #running #triathlonlife #triathlontraining #ラン #トライアスロントレーニング #練習 #トライアスロン