Not a Showa era thing but an Heisei one, a vestige of the bubble era in Japan (around 1985) is the expression Hanakin (花金、flower friday but the kanji for friday means also Gold). That basically means TGIF and people were spending more money than they should have on futile things, at least I hope they had some good fun, because after the bubble not so much I guess. Still a bit early for a drink but I have my Hanakin reward on view 😅 No extravaganza for me though. Just a quiet evening. Have a good one!

2020/10/16 , 🏃, 4.37km, 23m14s, 5m19s/km, 11.3km/h
Managed to squeeze a short jog during lunchtime. Picture : do you think the owner of this snack is trolling us?