It has been a while since last desk update and a lot happened! First, I finally got my mechanical keyboard from the kickstarter campaign I supported. This is an optical rgb backlight, brown keys (I think that means it is not super noisy (it is not not) special flat form factor). The keyboard is called K3 from Keychron. I have been using it for a few weeks and I like the touch on it but haven’t totally got used to the mapping on the right, this column of keys does not exist on mac keyboard so I tend to hit by mistake Page up instead of Delete. Leds are a fun experience and with various mood (I’ll do a video). Battery is ok and I can use the k3 in bluetooth or with the cable which is convenient. I can connect it to the macmini and easily switch to the macbook pro too. I won’t say I am jumping on the mechanical keyboard bandwagon but I will probably use this one for quite a while I think. So yes, I got an M1 MBP from my company, the development setup was a bit tricky but I could set it up without using Rosetta (apart from using Sublime Text). My setup includes: homebrew, rbenv , npm, nvm, yarn, ruby on rails etc... Also set it up for Golang that I m going to use soon. I’ll probably go into details in an other post about that all. And finally the Fosi audio Box x4 that took a month to arrive from China. It is a small tube pre amp with a phono input so I can finally plug in my turntable into my Joey Roth system. Also it works with bluetooth for other inputs. I will also probably share more in an other post about this one. Last pics, what I don’t see while at my desk, a nightmare of cables. I need to think serioulsy about a clean cables management system! My desk plant is doing super well I need a bigger pot for it now.