A glorious piece of technology on my desk today, the @sony Hi-MD MZ-RH10. Maybe the best portable MD machine.
I acquired it in 2005 during my first trip to Japan. I even negotiated its price in a small shop of Den Den Town in Osaka as I was buying also an other MD player, a simpler but beautiful red aluminum Victor model MD-LP.
I just plugged my MZ-RH10 in my mac mini and it works! I am currently transferring old photos and videos from one of the 1G disc I have.
1G was huge at the time and it was probably one the cheapest way to store 1G of data. Of course speed is slow, it is taking 1h for 300Mb :-)
But again don’t forget that the thing is from 2005! Check its specs, they were amazing. I still have the functional accessories.
Unfortunately the beautiful oled screen is not working anymore, but the remote controller does the job. It seems I can fix the screen too...
I tested the player also with my Joey Roth desk speakers and the sound produced is amazing.
Anyway one of my favorite objects I bought, ever! Bonus it brings back so many good memories of my first random walks in Osaka.

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