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Yesterday I changed a little bit the top page of the blog. I added a new category of post called "Short News" (from Japan).

Each post will be mainly composed of few pictures and just a short comment.
I will send some stuff unusual or/and funny/interesting (at least for me ) that I'll notice in my everyday life here in Japan.

To separate this "Short News" from the "longer" posts that I've already published on the blog, I added a tab system on the top page : articles mode

So, with the tabs you can access to the Articles thread (the ususal top page dy default), the "Short News" thread : shortnews mode

And the "Mix" thread :  mix mode

This "Mix" thread joins the Articles and the Short News in a same stream but displayed in a minimal "quick view" as you can see :
only an icon picture and the post title as a link.

Finally you can now receive the Articles and News directly in your Email Box thanks to feedburner with the link at the top of the right column.


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