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fixed gear japan

Today I setted up a new account on Twitter with the user name PignonFixe. "Pignon Fixe" stands for "Fixed Gear" in French.

fixed gear twitter

So, what is it about ?

This twitter account is automatically feeded by blogs RSS feeds. I collect the blogs url/RSS and then using, when a new blog article is published, the PignonFixe twitter account tweets it!

It is that simple. I think it's a great way to follow the news about one subject. I must say I shamelessly stole this idea from Japan top blogger Neil Duckett who created such an account grouping blog about Japan : Japan_Blogs.

It is really good to spread an article and then attract new readers on our blog or site. And as a follower we receive the last news in real time!

So if you have a blog dealing with Fixed Gear stuff, just post a comment bellow with your RSS url or tweet me or send me an e-mail at : jeromesadou [AT] gmail [DOT] com. I will add it to the list.


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