2016/09/21, 🏃, On the trainer cut in 2x20' with 7' workout before and in between

Distance: 7.8km
Time: 39m17s
Pace: 5m02s/km
Speed: 11.9km/h
Elevation: 0m
Calories: 702.5cal

Note : a - 7min workout. b - 3.8k : 0 to 3k : from 11 to 15kph prog. then 0.8k cool down.[19:55] c - 7min workout. d - 4k : 0 to 3k : from 12 to 15ph prog, then 1k cool down.[19:22] =>lots of sweat to clean up on the trainer and around ><;

Gear : Nike LunarSpider R2

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By Jérôme Sadou

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