Tomorrow's cycling hillclimb race. About 15k up to Daisen. My 3rd participation already! 明日の大山ヒールクライムです。15㌔ぐらいの上り。私は3回目になります!楽しみにしてます!

Daisen hillclimb starts from Ogamiyama Shrine this year. There are 2 Ogamiyama shrines, the second one more in the mountain is where we got married, I hope it is a good sign :-) Starts in 2 hours...

One hour before start! Weather is great, perfect for cycling. About 200 riders to take the start.

Pre race start selfie (required by the UCI rules now ;-) with Hayami San, a strong rider.

2013/10/06 , 🚴, 14.67km, 44m26s, 3m02s/km, 19.8km/h
Daisen Hill Climb 2013