Tough day at the office! Tsuwabuki Half-Marathon in Nichinan. Conditions were perfect with a clear blue sky and pleasant temperature. Almost too hot towards the end in fact. My goal was : 44’+45’ for 10km x 2 and one last km with all I have. It turned into 44’ + on time until 13rd km and then survival mode. I don’t really understand as I felt easy during the first 10km but suddenly again like last year in Aya nothing in the tank anymore for the last third of the race. I have to revise my nutrition the days before and during the race because that doesn’t work. At all. Only positive point apart from 1st part is that I did not give up. And I could maintain somehow a pace that is easy usually but I had to battle for it. I sprinted the last km... in 4:56. Lol. I crashed passed the finish line and took me 10min. to be able to sit and stand-up. Final result 1:40, 5 minutes more than my goal... grr. Tomorrow I am turning 45 y.o and I still have hope I will improve. Is it denial? But I really want to complete a half-marathon running fully at what I should be able to. Time is not really important but I just want to have the satisfaction to produce an effort as planned. So I will try again. To finish with, big thank to @canae_nakayama 's team for the support!

2019/11/17 , 🏃, 3.2km, 17m17s, 5m24s/km, 11.1km/h
Warm up!

2019/11/17 , 🏃, 21.31km, 1h40m18s, 4m45s/km, 12.6km/h
Tsuwabuki half-marathon in Nichinan.