Almost forget the of my weekly Showa record. I can’t believe it is already a week passed. Anyway, this week a semi-experimental album by George Harrison. That was a soundtrack for a movie of the same name(I think) that I’ve never seen. I am pretty sure it was presented at Cannes film festival back then and he went for the premiere and support the movie. I definitely need to watch this movie, if I can ever find it that said. Also I bought this record in the early 90’s (as much of my collection) in a garage sale in Normandy. The blue label on the cover is the name of the original owner, I think me and my friends bought a fair number of vinyls from this person. 90’s were a golden age to buy great vinyls for cheap as everyone was getting rid of it to buy CDs. Probably got this one for like 10 francs (about 1.5€) 🍏