Starting the year enjoying the reading/looking at the photo book Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin. I had an eye on this one for a while (it was published 2 years ago I think). It is a beautiful object, well crafted with a great selection of photographies. Some well known, many much less. I’ve got myself the Japanese edition (of course :-) in a classy red cover. I enjoy particularly the more candid pictures of the band members and the few ones in their private sphere (interesting to see what kind of audio equipment they had etc...). It is nice also that they included few pictures of their trip to Japan and particularly Hiroshima. I think I read somewhere that they each bought themselves some slr cameras here during their visit and then used them in their other trips too (India maybe?) I wonder which Nikon camera Robert Plant is handling on this shinkansen plateform in Kyōto. Oh, and happy new year, 明けましておめでとうございます!

Despite the cold, (even in our southern part of Japan, it was about 5°C this afternoon) we went for a stroll in the neighbourhood and half-way we took refuge at the café restaurant Ito tei (武家屋敷 伊東邸 buke yashiki ito tei) to warm up. We had some Jasmin flower tea and some kumogakure zenzai, some coton candy (barbe à papa in French) covering a manju and red beans, the whole becoming a soup once a bit of hot water was poured on it (see video - and I know I should not have removed my mask this way ...)

January the 22nd but we had like 24°C outside today. Crazy, I worked in t-shirt with the window opened cause the office was turning in a green house... Even for our southern place this is not expected. I guess my desk plant is happy too!

Already this time of the year! In Kitago station there is an early blooming type of sakura tree. They will be all full blooming during the week I think.

So busy with work and parenting these days... Today is a national holiday here. From a very short distance from home, like a couple of minutes walk, we finally tested (tasted ?) this sushi restaurant and it is a very good value for the money! We will definitely go back!

At @neguracoffee0410 !

For once not in Obi but in Aya, a favorite place of ours in Miyazaki. At MuChang and Chikulin ‘s place for great food, cool music and good talks. Last pic. : Muchang made a speaker from a katorisenko (蚊取り線香insect repellent diffuser) turns out the amplified sound of the classic guitar is just enough for a room.

Today we visited @paakhotel.sai a house renovated by @paak_supply In Obi. It took them more than 2 years to complete the project. I like particularly the large bathroom with a view on the garden. The living is cosy too. The house is meant to be for a short stay rental for couples.

2021/03/03 , 🏃, 6.36km, 32m50s, 5m10s/km, 11.6km/h
Long time no run (jog?). weather is great for it. Glad I managed to take 30min. at lunch. Neighbour’s sakura already passed blooming I was too late to snap its shot.

💡会社からもらったmbp pro m1。今まで2013年のMac miniで働いてた!少し大変でした。前のmbp proは2010年から2020年までで仕事できた。素晴らしいと思います。 今この2010年モデルのmotherboardは問題がありそうですのでlinuxのインストールやってみたけどあまり成功じゃない。残念。まあ10年間でよかったです。 今回のmbpはまた10年間で行けそうかな?

It has been a while since last desk update and a lot happened! First, I finally got my mechanical keyboard from the kickstarter campaign I supported. This is an optical rgb backlight, brown keys (I think that means it is not super noisy (it is not not) special flat form factor). The keyboard is called K3 from Keychron. I have been using it for a few weeks and I like the touch on it but haven’t totally got used to the mapping on the right, this column of keys does not exist on mac keyboard so I tend to hit by mistake Page up instead of Delete. Leds are a fun experience and with various mood (I’ll do a video). Battery is ok and I can use the k3 in bluetooth or with the cable which is convenient. I can connect it to the macmini and easily switch to the macbook pro too. I won’t say I am jumping on the mechanical keyboard bandwagon but I will probably use this one for quite a while I think. So yes, I got an M1 MBP from my company, the development setup was a bit tricky but I could set it up without using Rosetta (apart from using Sublime Text). My setup includes: homebrew, rbenv , npm, nvm, yarn, ruby on rails etc... Also set it up for Golang that I m going to use soon. I’ll probably go into details in an other post about that all. And finally the Fosi audio Box x4 that took a month to arrive from China. It is a small tube pre amp with a phono input so I can finally plug in my turntable into my Joey Roth system. Also it works with bluetooth for other inputs. I will also probably share more in an other post about this one. Last pics, what I don’t see while at my desk, a nightmare of cables. I need to think serioulsy about a clean cables management system! My desk plant is doing super well I need a bigger pot for it now.

Not a real desk update! But it could have been because this “wooden” rocks look really good! In fact we bought them for our little one : playing with them for now his goal is to destroy my column as soon as possible (could not go farer than 2 pieces with him around) and to throw them or knock them 😅 Each “rock” is of different density and different woods (biggest one is also lightest as it is balsa). I think it is a great idea.

Summer 1975 vs Spring 2021! My dad, 30 y.o and I at about 9 months taken by my uncle Philippe versus me, 46 y.o and Jules, 9 months taken by @canae_nakayama Le Havre beach vs Aoshima beach! But... Same baby clothes ! Sent by my mum from France 😘 I had no clue she still kept some of our clothes! I hope we will meet again soon and she can finally give a hug to Jules!

2021/05/24 , 🏃, 4.59km, 24m27s, 5m20s/km, 11.3km/h
Not a come back but at least I got a run today!

2021/06/20 , 🏃, 5.13km, 26m47s, 5m13s/km, 11.5km/h
Looks like volunteer day around here, firefighter testing the pump and grandpas cleaning the river banks.

Recent quick & easy DIY with a couple of pieces of wood I already had around. More space on the desk and better cables management now. I also bought an Apple Superdrive! yep in 2021 Second picture : we finally had about 10 great days with no rain. This summer was really unpleasant, I am looking forward a better fall. I started to build a simple deck outside, more on that in few weeks.

2021/10/10 , 🏃, , 30m, ,
Morning Run