2022/04/16 , 🏃, 7.87km, 42m22s, 5m23s/km, 11.2km/h
Back in Surf City after 3 years? waves were messy with the wind so went for a jog. It has been so long I thought I was in someone else body... Great weather though.

2022/04/29 , 🏃, 5.54km, 28m36s, 5m10s/km, 11.6km/h
It looks like 25-30min will be the sweet spot for a while.

Hello, it has been a while around here! Golden week is pretty good this year!

2022/05/14 , 🏃, 5.39km, 27m14s, 5m03s/km, 11.9km/h
梅雨、tsuyu, the rainy season has begun here. It has been pouring most of the week. Taking my chance for a run during this "dry" morning (22⁰C, 89% humidity)

Easy DIY in progress, a modular and transportable deck. This is piece number 1. I still need to apply some kind of varnish. Also I started to humbly support the Spirited Man @vanneistat on @patreon as a token of my appreciation for the inspiration and motivation to do more stuff with my hands that he is originating.