2013/12/01 22:19

Joyeux Anniversaire le Hac triathlon

Depuis l ile de Shodoshima avant le depart du semi marathon.

2013/11/16 22:15

Yonago-Tottori Ekiden 2013

Day 1 : relay between 7th and 8th runners.

2013/09/27 11:17

Downhill Cycling in Daisen

Taken with an old gopro 古いゴプロで撮った動画ですけどHD出来る.

2013/07/06 14:11

Hawai Triahlon in Yurihama 2013

Olympic Distance Triathlon.

2012/12/18 10:57

And an other google app. on my iphone :-). Testing Capture with a video recorded a while ago.

via YouTube Capture.