2014/10/05 14:12

Kurashiki Triathlon 2014- finish 2

From the streaming service of the race.

2014/10/05 14:11

Kurashiki Triathlon Finish - 2014

Someone shot the finish of the athlete behind me, turned out quite well for me too :-) A common FB friends sent me the video. More at http://jeromesadou.com/ ...

2014/08/17 19:15

Iwami kids triathlon 2014 (aquathlon this year as bike was cancelled). Tottori, Japan.

One of the four races that took place. We had a strong rain and even thunder until 9am so we wait for the weather to get better but then bike had to be cancelled ...

2014/05/29 22:04

Kinugawa river by boat

I recommend it if you visit the Kinugawa area. Also possible is rafting or kayak. きぬがわに行ったら、お勧めです。ラフティングとカヤックも出来る。

2014/03/04 07:43

Daisen, Tottori.

This morning Daisen. Still cold as winter but the good days are coming soon and the sun rises early now, from 6:30am here. I can't wait to ride over there again.