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I spent the last week in Tottori Ken, a prefecture in the west of Japan along the Sea of Japan.
This is one of the first places I visited in Japan (as a wwoofer in 2005) and for some reasons I come back there about twice a year since *_* . Of course compared to Tokyo, Tottori is really the "deep" Japan far from the lights of Ginza.
Over there, it's more usual to be a farmer, fisherman or a craftsman than a web developer... To begin this short series of post about Tottori, I will talk about food.

Food is kind of a religion in Japan and each region has its "specilités" and of course is proud of it.

Tottori's ones are :

- Rakkyo らっきょう, it is an onion relative. It is supposed to be good for heart condition. I am not a big fan of it... It is prepared as pickles with vinegar, chilly, sugar and salt.

- Nashi 梨, a kind of a pear, different shape (round) little bit more hard than "our" pear (called here YôNashi) but almost same taste

- NagaImo 長芋, long potatoes, but quite different from western potatoes

- Suica 西瓜, watermelons which can reach crazy prices in Ginza for example (cf Neil Duckett's article)

- Budo 葡萄, grapes, really different from French ones ... and I must say not as good as ours. They make some white wine of it.

- And finally Kani, crabs, they have different kinds.

This one is called MatsubaGani and it is a She, you can tell by its size.

So here are some shots of my lunches and diners through this week... Yes we ate a lot!

Itadakimasu! : 頂きます! (I receive - to say before to start eating)

oishikatta : 美味しかった!(I was good!)

Onaka ga ippai! : おなかがいっぱい!(I am full!)

And finally : Gochisosamadeshita! : ごちそうさまでした (Don't ask me to translate!)

Next article will be about Daisen (大山 : the Great Mount, top of Tottori)...


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