GAëtano - L' Exposition - Paris

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OK, today I am going to hi-jack my own blog for an article with nothing related to Japan nor bicycles!

Since May the Fourth (be with you ...muhaha) to the 17th of May, my friend and painter GAëtano exhibits his art in a gallery in Paris. His work is quite unique (yes madam) going from stunning portraits to more enigmatic paintings, I am sure you'll be surprised.

To give you an idea, you can visit his homepage showing his previous work.

If you are in Paris or near, don't hesitate to visit him at the gallery and say hello from me... buying one of the paintings can be a good option too ;-)

Hum, I feel you want to know more, well, here are just 3 paintings of his latest work that you can see at the Exposition (name of the exhibition).

A Light Touch
(60x60cm, Oil on Canvas, 2009)

Offert aux Vents
'An Offering to the winds'
(100x80cm, Oil on Canvas, 2009)

(60x60cm, Oil on Canvas, 2009)

The Exposition takes place at La Galerie du Pont neuf, 23, Place Dauphine - 66 Quai des Orfèvres - Paris 1er. Entrance is free, from 11AM to 9PM during week days and 10AM to 8PM the week-end.


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