Ride bicycles!

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Here are some shots from the search page of twitter, formerly known as Summize (I liked the design better...).

fixed gear twitter summize

fixed gear twitter summize

It's interesting as you can see many twitter posters are wishing to have a fixed gear bike (me included...). I hope this movement will continue.
I guess some people will give up when the craziness about it will end (as every fashionnable things), but I hope they will stick to ride bicycles even with speed and brakes and helmet.
Everything is good with bike : it's easy, fast, beautiful (ok not always), keep you fit and and quite good for the environment.
What can we ask for more!?
Ok time for me to go to the swimming-pool! (swimming is good for you too... and running also!)

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- Interesting post/comments about twitter and self-motivation : zentriathlon.com


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