My fixie quest (part two)

Tags: fixie, carnival, shibuya

This afternoon I went to Carnival, maybe the most famous shop for fixies in Japan. It's in Shibuya at the second floor of a building above W-BASE shop (meaning first floor if you are french...).

carnival shibuya tokyo

The guys were cool as they agreed for taking pictures and put them on my blog which I just did ( -> Fixies in Japan gallery). They have mainly stuff from all over the world and it's a little pricey, which is not so surprising with the boom for fixies in the city. Just walking from the shop in the neighborhood I could spot many fixed gear bike as you can see.

One thing "funny" is that the Paul Smith shop is just near. I knew that Paul Smith and Mercian built a fixie together and I hoped I could see it in the shop...and yes I could...but the staff at P.S are less cooler than Carnival as they did not want me to take the picture of the (too much expensive) bike (Japanese are really good to say NO with a big smile on their face!...Don't take it bad, you know it's true)...
And then during my photo walk, something I noticed is that almost all the pist bikes I saw were in front or next a hair dresser salon (!) which make me think that :
Hair dressers are crazy about fixies
Or owners of fixies are crazy about their hair
Or hair dressers put bikes in front of their shop to make it cool...

What do you think about that?...

As for my "quest",I would prefer to buy a japanese frame so I think I will try on online auctions or buy a new bike...the prices are not so different eventually...


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