Tokyo Fix iPhone App

Tags: tokyo, fixed-gear, iphone

Today I downloaded the Tokyo Fix iPhone App. It was released just recently by Ollie Magazine, a street culture mag it seems. The app costs 230 yen which is reasonable. Here are some screen-shots showing you the main functions of the app.     

                                                                                                    Learning Tricks from an iPhone ? Why not...  

Latest videos from youtube are visible. It looks like it is possible to upload photos. I haven't try this yet.

The most useful function is the shops map, very useful if it is your first time in Tokyo and looking for fixed gear shops.    

If you allow the geolocation you can even find the shops near where you are.

There is a profile page for each shop and the choice of calling directly them or to find them on the map.  

Then it opens the google maps app and show you the way to the selected shop. Can't be easier!

Also you can visualize the whole shops from a map zooming in and out.


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