2017/06/02, 🏊, Evening Open Water Swim

Distance: 1150m
Time: 1m51s
Pace: 0m10s/100m
Speed: 37.3km/h
Elevation: 2.9m
Calories: 0cal

Note : Open Water Swim training with HAC Triathlon team. Even with the suit, water was freaking cold, not my Miyazaki standards! lol... But quite happy I could follow the group despite no swim training this year. [surf and SUP helped though I guess]. Time is about... did not check.

Gear :


  • 1km | 0m54s/km | 7.3m
  • 2km | 26m27s/km | 0.2m


Swim | 2017-06-02_swim1m51s1150m

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By Jérôme Sadou

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