2019/11/25, 🏃, First run since last week half-marathon. 24°C ! Yes, global warming in action.

Distance: 6.87km
Time: 33m2s
Pace: 4m48s/km
Speed: 12.5km/h
Elevation: 41.1m
Calories: 616.1cal

Note : Also one of my last regular run in the area as I moving again! This time we move to Kobayashi, start of next month. New run paths, plenty of nice mountain roads to cycle, and importantly a public swimming-pool! Rare assets in Miyazaki prefecture! Looking forward to it!

Gear : New Balance New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v4 NB Fresh Foam Zante - 2nd pair


  • 1km | 4m59s/km | -1.8m
  • 2km | 4m49s/km | 1.2m
  • 3km | 4m47s/km | 7.8m
  • 4km | 4m44s/km | -2.7m
  • 5km | 4m47s/km | 3.6m
  • 6km | 4m46s/km | -7.8m
  • 7km | 4m47s/km | -0.3m


Run | 2019-11-25_run33m2s6_87km


Run | 2019-11-25_run33m2s6_87km

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By Jérôme Sadou

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