Fixed Gear Videos

Tags: fixed-gear, youtube, zend

I played a little bit with the YouTube API today, using the classes provided by Zend Framework. The result is a Fixed Gear Videos Gallery.

fixed gear video

It is quite basic for now, it just retrieves the latest fixed gear videos published on YouTube. Plus, I made 3 categories : videos from Japan, France and the Anglophone world. The way I do the search for each category is far from perfect but it works not too bad for now.

Then you just have to click on the icon and the video will be displayed in a nice "lightbox" effect. I actually use the advanced media box, developed for mootools 1.2. It is a great plug-in.

There is also a basic paging function. I think I will develop it and do the same for Vimeo videos in the next weeks. If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to share.


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