Tokyo CGM Night Report

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I went yesterday at the Tokyo CGM Night organized by Danny Choo,

and Andrew Shuttleworth :

A meeting aiming at "gathering the leaders in CGM - bloggers, YouTubers, Social Networkers and folks who like to share - and in doing so generate gazillions of page views and buzz". IT/Web/media fellows where also invited.

A cool event to meet face to face some people I used to know only through their blogs or twitter accounts.
By the way, I haven't been in a room with so many gaijin since I came to live in Japan, (of course Japanese bloggers were also here, like the pro-blogger and co-founder of

Danny was wearing of course his stormtrooper suit and made a presentation of each attendant (well... the famous ones).

Danny Choo aka Tokyo Storm Trooper from Lenard Po on Vimeo.

This is a video by Lenard Po, a gifted professional photographer that I just met on the way to the party. By the way, as I did not have anything else than my poor keitai to take pictures, I am using some of Lenard's ones (with his authorization) to illustrate this article, mine are so unusable...(but soon I 'll have a proper camera...yeah!). You can see his full gallery covering the event on his flickr.

Danny knows how to receive guests and thanks to sponsors, proceeded to offer some goodies :

Before starting offering the goodies : Danny and Hector (Mirai inc. CTO and top Spanish blogger) threw some Google pens and Chrome stickers towards the audience (killing 3 attendes).

Here, Danny and Andrew, with the first "presento" :

To win, a huge battle of paper/scissors raged on :

Danny wanted to prove that a Stormtrooper is stronger than the Ironman and destroyed him... poor Ironman, he lost his ironhead....(the tiny piece near the shoes)

During the party I had a good time meeting people like the famous Daimaou, Chief Editor at (thanks for the drink;), Gabriel Shiguemoto - 2D Animation, illustration and design artist - , Ken Brady CEO at or Christophe Sautot, developer at Just to name few of them and to show the diversity of profiles which made the event interesting.

About goodies I got this Google Chrome Comic (japanese version, mmm collector:) and this cute figurine by Kotobukiya (Don't ask me what/who is it, I have no idea...) :

Interesting gadget of the evening, a tiny mobile projector connected to an iphone and displaying a "not too bad" image! (a new arbaito for Danny? stormscreener?)

(These 2 last photos are from my keitai, not difficult to guess though...)

Well, once again thanks to Danny and Andrew for the Tokyo CGM Night!


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