Fuji Tomato Pursuit 2011 and Co.

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I usually only display pictures I've taken myself but this time I stole the following pics from https://hashirin.com/ so please check also this homepage (in Japanese) for a complete review of the Fuji 2011 models with prices (in Yen).

I will display here only the fixed gear, single speed, track models.

First is the Fuji and Tomato collaboration pursuit bike. First seen (for me) on Kentalog blog last year : https://klogr.blogspo t.com/2009/09/fuji-x-tomato-pursuite-model-2011.html


The model here is still a prototype, notice that instead of the previously "Pursuit Model", it is now written "Low-pro model", I am not sure of the meaning. I hope it will be displayed at the Cycle Mode Tokyo in next November. The price tag is 120000 yens before taxes and it will be a limited edition of 100 bikes, starting December. If I can have more info I will update the post.



Below are the new colours for the Feather, it seems it's the only difference compared to the 2010 model.


Track models have also new colours, Track Comp is renamed Track 2.0.


And finally an other new model : the "Venom" with a special wide rim. This model will come later due to some late changes in geometry (I am translating the original source).


Check the source for more pictures and details. Mini-velo fans may be happy with the release of the COMET, kind of cute bike. Go check it!


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