Past and Upcoming Bicycle Events

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Last August I went to 2 bike events :

One was in Omotesando, it was a mini bicycle market organized next to an organic farm market.

Tomity San, Keirin Ambassador and young retired of the pro racing life, had his booth there.

This is how Tomity San arranged his bike now, more comfortable than the racing set-up but still on Kalavinka! (a folding one)

Work with bike!

I met the maker of this hand made bike : @jinken on twitter, you can learn more about the concept "Tetz-One" on this page :

Without any chain it's going to be difficult...

And some visitors ride :

Yep it was a mini-mini market with something like 4 booth...

Second event was near yoyogi koen in Shibuya, on August the 18. Not even 2 minutes I was there that I met again Tomity San, we talked longer. He explained me how he ended-up to be the maker of the helmet wore by Francesco Moser for his hour record, amazing!

[Sorry for the blurry pics but I wanted to show this bike anyway]

It was a nice event with BMX contest and some weird bikes to test. Sexon Super Peace presented their frame made by Cherubim, awesome as usual, please someone give me 491000 yens, thank you :-)

Random bikes :

Ah a Fuji Track comp (red in middle)... The one I used for the Fuji project is now back to Osaka to its HQ, snif...

A customized Fuji Feather :

I think I've seen this Masi in a magazine recently...

"Above Bike"'s booth, with some Starfucker items. []

Blue Lug booth, I like this saddle, reminds me of "La Vie Claire" team in the 80's lead by Bernard Hinault.

Now maybe more interesting up-coming events :

And I am lucky with these ones cause they will both take place in Yokohama! Yeah!

First one is Hama bike, it looks like it will quite a big event. It will take place on Saturday the second of October.

The program looks awesome  :

- Bike market
- Bike polo with "lesson" for beginners, I may try that.
- MTB Trial
- BMX flatland contest
- Art exhibition
- Gold sprint on a boat!! Wow I want to try that! [with DJ's etc..]
- Movies projection (BFF Yokohama Night)

Second event is supported by Red Bull, it is called Geared Up, it will take place on the port of Yokohama near the Symbol Tower.
It is a race for messengers I'll be there to take pictures for sure!

As the side event there will be a photo exhibition by Sexysushi, photos taken at the CMWC (Messenger World Championship) in Guatemala.

I can't wait for both of these events!


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