2018/08/29, 🏊, Outdoor 50m swim maybe the last of the year.

Distance: 1700m
Time: 50m
Pace: 2m56s/100m
Speed: 2.0km/h
Elevation: 0m
Calories: 0cal

Note : It will be the last because for some reason the pool closes end of this month. We could easily swim in it until end of October though... too bad. W-up : 600m 3 styles Legs : 100m Pull -b + paddles: - 100m : 1:30’ - 500m : 8:21’ Easy : 100m Drills/technic : 300m

Gear :


Swim | 2018-08-29_swim50m1700m

Swim | 2018-08-29_swim50m1700m

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By Jérôme Sadou

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