2018/10/10, 🏊, Lunch swim at ABC Swimming.

Distance: 2100m
Time: 50m
Pace: 2m23s/100m
Speed: 2.5km/h
Elevation: 0m
Calories: 0cal

Note : I finally joined a sports club, it is 7000 yens per month but it gives me access to gym, pool, and even the ANA Hotel onsen (usually 1000 yen just for the bath) just near where I live, so all in all it is not a bad deal. W-up : 3 styles, 600m Legs : 200m Pull-buoy: 7x100m (in 1:40/1:45 start each 2') easy: 100m P-b+Hand-paddle: 400m in 6:25 at pace. easy: 100m

Gear :

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By Jérôme Sadou

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