As would say @gueorgui , here is my favorite corner of the house ;-) I could bring back a part of my collection thanks to my last trip to France. I am so glad to have them again after all this years... Still about 400 to ship though...

2016/01/17 , 🏃, 8.04km, 39m29s, 4m55s/km, 12.2km/h
Lunch Run

And now Paul Kantner left us 😢 I was lucky to see him with Jack Casady and Marty Balin in one of their Starship version, for a concert in my city Le Havre in the 90's. "Crown of creation" is one of my favorite record.

2016/01/30 , 🏃, 5.74km, 29m13s, 5m06s/km, 11.8km/h
Afternoon Run

2016/01/31 , 🚴, 28.46km, 1h1m3s, 2m09s/km, 28.0km/h
Riding in the rain, I was riding in the rain  But I am happy again 

2016/02/03 , 🏃, 7.01km, 35m4s, 5m00s/km, 12.0km/h
Afternoon Run

2016/02/10 , 🏃, 7.37km, 37m23s, 5m04s/km, 11.8km/h
Afternoon Run

2016/02/11 , 🚴, 24.43km, 54m28s, 2m14s/km, 26.9km/h
Lunch Ride- shorty

2016/02/12 , 🏃, 7.62km, 37m53s, 4m58s/km, 12.1km/h
Afternoon Run

Going to start a weekly serie to share some of my LP records. Most of them are old stuff but let's start with one I bought in France last December : Nicolas Godin (from Air) in an homage to Bach and Glenn Gould. Bonus : the CD was also given with the LP which is a blue vinyl. ✌🏻️

2016/02/22 , 🚴, 8.16km, 24m12s, 2m58s/km, 20.2km/h
Afternoon Ride

2016/02/22 , 🚴, 3.9km, 9m41s, 2m29s/km, 24.2km/h
Afternoon Ride

This week record is the recently released album by Kula Shaker, that you know if you were 20 something in the 90's. Or not. Anyway I enjoyed their psyche-rock-folk-pop-60's-revival style and I am not disappointed with this "K2.0". This is the special edition, a box with chords/lyrics/guitar tabs for each song nicely illustrated. @kulashakerofficial will come to Japan for the Fuji rock but I am probably to old for that -_-;

Un que O'reilly ne publie pas. Ma bible pour devenir le meilleur garçon de bureau du monde.

Today's task : potatoe burying!

To link with K2.0 from @kulashakerofficial I posted last week, let's go back to some source with this week LP record by @georgeharrisonofficial Wonderwall, his first own record for a movie soundtrack. Oh, and new set-up at the home office.

2016/03/11 , 🏊, 1050m, 30m, 2m52s/100m, 2.1km/h

Today's harvest. Daikon and carrots. 100% organic.

Lp vinyl record of the week : unfortunately no choice other than to pick a George Martin production. Could have been Sgt Pepper or a Beck record but I am going with Revolver as it brought innovation to Pop music just like Pet Sounds did few weeks apart.

2016/03/21 , 🚴, 31.28km, 1h8m16s, 2m11s/km, 27.5km/h
Morning Ride. Spring is cold.

It supposed to be spring but 9°C on the bike is still fresh. Good to ride again anyway. Glimpse of Daisen in the back.