Sprint Triathlon as a Training

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This morning I raced myself on a home-made sprint triathlon in order to test myself and prepare next week Olympic Distance triathlon of Yurihama in Hawai Cho that I also ran last year (I am living just 5k from the start).

If the real swim will take place in Togo lake that you can see on below maps, I chose to swim in the sea because well, it's much better... Don't you think ? :-)


A big swimming-pool for myself! This is the beach of Tomari.


Getting ready.


A walk to the "start"


This is about what I swam, it took about 11 minutes for maybe 700m but I think I was pushed by the waves (cause I am really not that fast) despite having a strange feeling to not move... I even stood up at a moment to check if I was really progressing...


I am the little white splash. Sea is really not deep there so I had to go pretty far just to be able to swim without touching the bottom.


Took from the jetty in my last meters. My swim suit is not tight enough around my arms and feel super heavy with water coming inside... I am almost thinking to cut the sleeves...


A bit long transition and on the bike. I have to precise that the car was not moving (and I wondered why then) when my wife took the pic.


A bit short of 20k for an average of 34,8kph. Not too bad I was never at 100%, keeping in mind the run to come next.


Transition near the lake where I had 'hidden' my running shoes and cap previously. I let the bike like this for the time of my run and cool down. Not even worried about it :-)


That was a quite good run, 4'10"/k is very good for me right now especially as part of a triathlon, I doubt I will be able to run like this the 10k though but that was a nice surprise.
This year I trained significantly less than last year at the same time. My plan is to push less on the bike than in 2012 and to try to have a better run.


Back at home with a bunch of stuff to clean up.

Special thanks to my wife for the support!

And special hello to @gueorgui who is going to race Ironman Cairns tomorrow. Fighto!!


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