Last time I skied I was 10y.o ... So yeah, 30 years ago! Still in one piece after half a day 😁 noticing that on the beginner course, skiers ski, snowboarders sit on their arse...

2015/03/02 , 🏃, 7.11km, 33m47s, 4m45s/km, 12.6km/h
Afternoon Run

This time of the year. My wife's dolls

A nice place to have soba in Kurayoshi

2015/03/08 , 🚴, 36.22km, 1h15m21s, 2m05s/km, 28.8km/h
Lunch Ride- short one

It looks like Winter is beating Spring badly right now...

Today's office : Matsue, Ruby Association, Open Source Lab. (And having mushizushi for lunch:-)

2015/03/17 , 🏃, 7.61km, 37m51s, 4m59s/km, 12.1km/h
Afternoon Run

Spring is just on time here. We planted some trees at the field this morning. Now need to wait probably 5 years for some fruits? 😆

2015/03/22 , 🚴, 29.55km, 1h5m14s, 2m12s/km, 27.2km/h
Super Short Lunch Ride Craaaazy wind.

2015/03/25 , 🏃, 7.93km, 36m15s, 4m34s/km, 13.1km/h
25/03/2015 北栄町, 鳥取県, Japan

2015/03/26 , 🏃, 7.5km, 35m41s, 4m46s/km, 12.6km/h
Afternoon Run

2015/03/28 , 🚴, 42.09km, 1h27m26s, 2m05s/km, 28.9km/h
Morning Ride. Beautiful weather. Windy. Getting warmer.

Tekara booth is super popular at Ochidani shrine bread festival even if @machayokan and mari chan are selling mochi and drinks :-)

Blooming here also finally 🌸

2015/04/04 , 🚴, 45.18km, 1h34m18s, 2m05s/km, 28.7km/h
Morning Ride. Feeling ok. A bit fresh.

Yesterday we visited some houses in Matsue, on the way back we stopped at this very nice design shop-café (Ivi Café). They were playing Fugu's music who is a French artist.

2015/04/12 , 🏊, 1300m, 35m, 2m42s/100m, 2.2km/h

Dinner location.

2015/04/18 , 🚴, 40.3km, 1h28m2s, 2m11s/km, 27.5km/h
Lunch Ride

2015/04/21 , 🏊, 1600m, 45m, 2m49s/100m, 2.1km/h