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1 & 2 : short video and pics of my #triathlon race at Miyazaki ITU. I finished 10/50 in the 40-44 age group. Happy with that. Longer version of the video on YouTube. 3 - selfie with French pro athletes @felixduchampt and @raphael_aurelien_ : let’s go surfing after the race next year guys! It was great meeting you. 4 - surrounded with Olympic power : on my right Sekine San and left @takumi.obara both Sydney Olympian! @takumi.obara has a triathlon school now with 60 youngsters in Tottori, Team Efforts! The future of Japan triathlon is growing over there! #triathlonlife #トライアスロン #宮崎 #itutriathlon #sonyactioncam #race #triathlon





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