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Promenade du soir Avec ledzep 1 dans les oreilles.

May I introduce you to Jules or 樹宇瑠 (ju u lu) ju : big grown living tree, u : space/cosmos, lu : first kanji of Lapis Lazuli He arrived on earth about 12 days late, on July the 1st. Maybe he missed his space shuttle ? For a brief moment he was the most recent human to count (ok, like all of us, but still ;-) He is a big and healthy boy. @canae_nakayama was very brave and strong. That was amazing. Thank you❣️

A couple of stops between Kitago and Miyakonojo, we are catching the coolness of the waterfall during this hot day.

A couple of stops between Kitago and Miyakonojo, we are catching the coolness of the waterfall during this hot day.

Received some psychedelic love from Canada! that was fast! Thank you for the card and the words @bhopals_flowers for psychedelic music lovers check @hypnoticbridge

an other waterfall today, this one is off the path, just a bit sketchy to reach but it was worth it.

impressions de mon trail ce midi dans la vallée d’Inohae. En Français pour une fois! (ça fait très bizarre)

@canae_nakayama ‘s uncle set-up a couple of bee boxes and a swarm recently settled in.

Today’s walk with @canae_nakayama. I failed at keeping my distance with Taro the tokage anf Jiro the frog. At least I did not walk on them... Take care.

Taking it easy in Aoshima café Zeal. 😷☕️🥐

Sunday afternoon walk on Nichinan coast.

Some pictures taken during the last few weeks around my current working space in Nichinan city, I really like this older part of the city and port.

Miyazaki organic festa, pretty good music and small kids everywhere!

Today’s run in Nichinan and yes sakura trees, like each year, are already blooming at Kitago station. Photographers are also blooming 😉 I wanted to have a pic with the local train but it passes here only few times a day 😅. #北郷駅

2 working spaces I have been using recently. First in Miyazaki city is in @wakakusa_hutte café 2nd floor, your rental comes with a 400¥ drink (or is it the opposite? :-). Second picture is Akarengakan (red bricks hall) like in Yokohama but in a tiny version, an old wharehouse which has been renovated. The place is in Nichinan city, Aburatsu port and 9 times/10 I am alone in this large space. And you know what : it is free! (

Short trip in Kagoshima with @canae_nakayama . Discovered Nagashima and fell instantly in love with the island. Also not too far the Akune station, one of the cutest stations I ever seen!

First run of the year, thinking of my dad who would have turned 75 y.o today...

Quick 2 days in Tokyo. Took off from Kagoshima airport. You can see Sakurajima in the back. Fixed gear bikes still big in Tokyo. Not photographed, I noticed : On the train wireless earbuds of all sorts.(bare with me, the country boy). My room near Nakameguro station was nice. So many tourists, what a change since I started to live here. No time for tourism myself this time though but glad I still could meet few friends

Tough day at the office! Tsuwabuki Half-Marathon in Nichinan. Conditions were perfect with a clear blue sky and pleasant temperature. Almost too hot towards the end in fact. My goal was : 44’+45’ for 10km x 2 and one last km with all I have. It turned into 44’ + on time until 13rd km and then survival mode. I don’t really understand as I felt easy during the first 10km but suddenly again like last year in Aya nothing in the tank anymore for the last third of the race. I have to revise my nutrition the days before and during the race because that doesn’t work. At all. Only positive point apart from 1st part is that I did not give up. And I could maintain somehow a pace that is easy usually but I had to battle for it. I sprinted the last km... in 4:56. Lol. I crashed passed the finish line and took me 10min. to be able to sit and stand-up. Final result 1:40, 5 minutes more than my goal... grr. Tomorrow I am turning 45 y.o and I still have hope I will improve. Is it denial? But I really want to complete a half-marathon running fully at what I should be able to. Time is not really important but I just want to have the satisfaction to produce an effort as planned. So I will try again. To finish with, big thank to @canae_nakayama 's team for the support!

Running encounter. Weed was cut on the banks of the river recently and this snake is probably confused about its living environment changing suddenly.

Nippon-African vibes in Aya-Cho . Hozu san playing the kora (21 string harp). Thank you @yawara_ya for the great musical evening.