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A bit before today, from Miyazaki to Fukuoka.

Trees at Obi castle ruins. and yes a blooming sakura already.

Today’s sento was a travel back to the 78rpm time, early Showa. Not a one for the prudes either as there was no real changing room passed...

In Obi, Nichinan, the Kyoto of Miyazaki 🏯

I heard it was snowing in Tokyo 😬


I went down south today, more stunning places to visit around here, met good people also. I can't wait to go back there again. Happy new...

Playing the DJ and barista today at ! Big ups to @elikeit and @junjunyy


My 3 minutes of fame on Miyazaki TV (I guess), just after the finish line, my brain was lacking oxygen so I probably answered a question...


just under my 41’ goal, happy with that, I got a bit excited at the start and the last k was tough


Who want to make some apple pie?! Thank you @makikbt !


This morning doing pilates with @yukidonnah sensei. Not a bad way to start the day.



Some serious stuff going on at Surf City! (not me, nor mine)


the rest room at the new onsen is really cosy!


Unfortunately shattered one of my @joeyroth ceramic speakers a couple of years ago, finally adding a last touch to my ugly fix. Worst...


Special yoga class tonight with @dubmantra performing the bgm. We even got to chant Govinda Jaya Jaya Gopala Jaya Jaya Rhada Ramana Hari,...


Let’s try to give a new life to this old boy, macbook pro 2010, with a switch to ssd and new thermal grease. Not sure it is worth it but...

Perfect day to ride in ! lucky me!😎 Pics from () () and lake Tōgō () Today was not a surf 🏄 day though but you can see a couple of the...


Onsen time!


Aoshima Triathlon Team version 0.1! 🏃🚴🏊 #トライアスロン


After the stand-up paddle training, grabbing some food and drink at the conbini and enjoying the view and cool air.