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After 2 s#iテテy days we were treated with this sunset tonight. First try at time lapse so I did some big mistakes (like you know... don’t...

My lunch break today 😁 First try holding the sony cam.


I like the diverse choices of cars in my neighbourhood. 😅

Random encounter, « it is salty » he said 😂

Sunset run with the sony FDR X 3000, incredible stabilization even while running.


Today’s training : mini personal aquathlon, 17mn swim and 20mn run. Giving my suit a taste of the pacific ocean. in :-)


Rainy season has already been here for a week or so now. When you are in the water it does not count though :-) I went for an open water...


Unrelated to this picture I got a good news today, my application to Long Term Resident visa has been accepted. This is quite an unusual...


Yesterday, this, somehow, happened.

I reached a milestone today! 1000 activities tracked with @runkeeper since June 2010. The mileage is tiny but that’s about 1 activity...

Golden week in Aoshima. I have a triathlon in 2 months and I am at level 0 of fitness and 4kg too heavy. It’s going to be a short and...

都会に行く時にヨドバシカメラに行く。当たり前でしょうか。 1 - rxO looks fun but crazy expensive 2 - g shock smartwatch. Very big but I kind of like it. 3 - sony...

A bit before today, from Miyazaki to Fukuoka.

Trees at Obi castle ruins. and yes a blooming sakura already.

Today’s sento was a travel back to the 78rpm time, early Showa. Not a one for the prudes either as there was no real changing room passed...

In Obi, Nichinan, the Kyoto of Miyazaki 🏯

I heard it was snowing in Tokyo 😬


I went down south today, more stunning places to visit around here, met good people also. I can't wait to go back there again. Happy new...

Playing the DJ and barista today at ! Big ups to @elikeit and @junjunyy


My 3 minutes of fame on Miyazaki TV (I guess), just after the finish line, my brain was lacking oxygen so I probably answered a question...


just under my 41’ goal, happy with that, I got a bit excited at the start and the last k was tough