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Am I still a triathlete if I replaced the swim training with surf or SUP 🙂?

In 2015 a friend offered me this kit. A couple of weeks ago I finally started to slowly assemble it. During the first steps I was watching a video on youtube about 80's that reminded me of my and so, I went for such a design :-) まりちゃん、ありがとうございました。ついに組み合わせた!お待たせしました〜

not spotted often around here! to

This morning ride. A bit longer version on youtube/jeromesadou (trying things)


A bit earlier today during my jog.

I bought a drill. This is a pretty huge step into my life. 😅😬🛠

Shorty ride. Half hill/mountain where I met a monkey (there are a lot in the area) and then near the sea.

Up to the mountains. Super windy! 💨 🚴🏻

This is the first straw bale house in the making I've seen in Japan. They used the structure of a kominka (old japanese house), rebuilt it and so, used straw bales for the walls. The straw bales are made of a kind of reeds found in Kumamoto. It is also a small bakery using natural stuff 👍🏻 (Neighbour of Zeal, café/restaurant)

Teruhaosturi bridge this afternoon. Fun to cross.

Yes. De la lecture en provenance directe de Lyon. Merci "Le Feu sacré".

Few things : - first time at a pool since November. - not a shabby one as you can see :-) - oh and if I was feeling very good it might be, maybe due to the fact that I realised at mid-training that this pool was only 20 meters long 😅😬✌️🏊🏻

Acai smoothie.

After 5 forced days of hikikomoriness due to a cold, I rode the bike in my neighborhood to find this café, bread shop. Good finding.

First tentative of solo surfing this morning on small waves, hopefully nobody was looking ><;

It is becoming a little bit my second home in Aoshima. At @surfcity_miyazaki I started a couple of month ago yoga, pilates, SUP and *cough* surf (which is a long long way to go 😬). Yoga is a real revelation to me.

And let's start the year as the previous one ended :-) A good ride to Udo-jingū shrine. Glad I went by bike because the last 2 or 3 km were packed of cars bumper to bumper on two lines. Hours of "fun" wait as they can let only few cars in....

Last of the year, to the mountain (cold) and back to the sea (better 😬) Have a good new year's eve !

Just saw the Noriyoshi Ohrai exhibition. "The last Odissey III".

I had no idea it was Miyazaki marathon today!