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Let’s try to give a new life to this old boy, macbook pro 2010, with a switch to ssd and new thermal grease. Not sure it is worth it but hey.

Perfect day to ride in ! lucky me!😎 Pics from () () and lake Tōgō () Today was not a surf 🏄 day though but you can see a couple of the usual spots. Maybe I will have a chance this week.

Onsen time!

Aoshima Triathlon Team version 0.1! 🏃🚴🏊 #トライアスロン

After the stand-up paddle training, grabbing some food and drink at the conbini and enjoying the view and cool air.

Went surfing in Ibii today, my mini-van was just big enough for the funboard I rented today. I was with fellow Surfer-Canadian-French-speaker-but-not-Québécois :-), Isaac I met this week. We got some good waves and in between 2 sessions visited Udo-jingū, shrine in Nichinan. We both managed to throw 2 clay-stones inside the luck circle down on a rock. I forgot to make a wish while doing it though...

Yesterday evening, local celebrity on his bike :-)

I might be able to surf right in front of my place soon in fact 😅

Typhoon over us. Not so windy (yet?) but heavy rain since yesterday. I am prepared though as I got myself some French magazines during my last trip. @thegoodlife_mag is kind of @monoclemagazine in French. -> @fluide_glacial for the win 😬

Sunday morning choices are sometime difficult. Surfing or ? Maybe I'll go surfing later though 😎 Added sticker to the bike and yellow bar tape because why not ! 😜

Managed to a couple of my best waves until now tonight. Typhoon is in approach which gives us bigger waves than usual. I took it hard a few times also 🤣

Cool vibes at the this morning. Hawaiian hula just when I back from my 🏄 session 🤙😄Then some Jimi Hendrix cover while drinking my iced chai from @bonyalis 😎 !

Does your local supermarket support the Marxist revolution? Mine does it seems 😅 Maybe I should ask them to start to lower the prices on some stuff. Like on the Belgian beers for example.

Drinks and food booths at the event in near the botanical garden 🏝 Very welcome after a pleasant 🏄 session in . Also Happy Birthday Mum! 🎉 😃

This morning, supporting @surfcity_miyazaki team at Kisaki beach. Waves 🌊 were not easy/big today. That was a fun family style event though. Sorry @k4wtnb I failed to catch your best wave 🏄😅Next time!

今日は人が少ない。😬 ;-)

of the day ("K-shape". Note that I know nothing about boards yet), first time I tried it. A bit narrower than the Grommet I used before. I could catch some good waves. is quite crowded (in the water) on the w-e, still it is all right once you can find your space.

This is one of my typical run. The app used is along with my account for the data.

in 😊 back to and 🏄 ➡️ Water temp. : 18°C ➡️ 27°C. 👀

Nice ride in this afternoon along the beach.

La marche du Géant!