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Despite being from Normandy I don’t fancy at all camembert cheese but this wax camembert by @greenfix_surf smells so good I would bite into it. 😬 🇫🇷 (Not a paid commercial for the product, I just thought it was funny)

The obvious thing to do when you have only 33km of training in the legs 10 days before a triathlon is to buy an aero helmet 😂🙇 トライアスロン大会10日前に自転車のトレーニングは33キロしかないだからもちろんエアロヘルメットを買ったね。

Stepping up my game. 😎

After 2 s#iテテy days we were treated with this sunset tonight. First try at time lapse so I did some big mistakes (like you know... don’t move the camera...). Next time will be better.

My lunch break today 😁 First try holding the sony cam.

I like the diverse choices of cars in my neighbourhood. 😅

Random encounter, « it is salty » he said 😂

Sunset run with the sony FDR X 3000, incredible stabilization even while running.

Today’s training : mini personal aquathlon, 17mn swim and 20mn run. Giving my suit a taste of the pacific ocean. in :-)

Rainy season has already been here for a week or so now. When you are in the water it does not count though :-) I went for an open water swim training. 3 times to the buoy and back (thankfully) for a total of about 1500m. Good one. I surprised a couple walking on the (deserted) beach when getting out of water, they were a bit like, wtf ^_^;

Unrelated to this picture I got a good news today, my application to Long Term Resident visa has been accepted. This is quite an unusual visa that few people receive I think (I had to write a motivation letter to explain why I wanted to stay). It is not the permanent visa unfortunately but I am happy to get it. That’s what you can have when you are self-employed and divorced with no relatives in Japan. It’s only a 3 years one also despite being in my 12th year here, but that’s ok, there won’t be issue to renew it anyway. (Yes I should have applied way before to the permanent one but I did not)

Yesterday, this, somehow, happened.

I reached a milestone today! 1000 activities tracked with @runkeeper since June 2010. The mileage is tiny but that’s about 1 activity every 2.92 days if I did not mistake. For real, most of the activities were done between April and November of each year. Because I am a bear I guess. 🐻

Golden week in Aoshima. I have a triathlon in 2 months and I am at level 0 of fitness and 4kg too heavy. It’s going to be a short and intense preparation!🏊‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♂️

都会に行く時にヨドバシカメラに行く。当たり前でしょうか。 1 - rxO looks fun but crazy expensive 2 - g shock smartwatch. Very big but I kind of like it. 3 - sony smart speaker looks like a better solution than the apple one 4 - the only private jet I will ever be able to acquire 5 - I really like the touch and feel of the Lenovo t480s. My next laptop?

A bit before today, from Miyazaki to Fukuoka.

Trees at Obi castle ruins. and yes a blooming sakura already.

Today’s sento was a travel back to the 78rpm time, early Showa. Not a one for the prudes either as there was no real changing room passed the entrance. You basically have to go naked under the eyes of the mama boss of the sento 😅 that said the ♨️ itself was great.

In Obi, Nichinan, the Kyoto of Miyazaki 🏯

I heard it was snowing in Tokyo 😬

I went down south today, more stunning places to visit around here, met good people also. I can't wait to go back there again. Happy new year 2018 everyone!