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Trail run in Inohae valley towards the finale waterfall.

Nice ride from Nichinan to Kojima. Perfect weather :-) I am preparing Aya half-marathon in one month and Miyazaki olympic distance triathlon on 11/11.

Time for beers and BBQ in @surfcity_miyazaki

Good times today in Inohae keikoku (valley)! That was a 3 hours walk but refreshing . And yes I swam in the river :-)

I might be from Normandy but I love running in the heat (definitely felt like36°C) as long as I have a cold bath afterwards though :-)

Omikoshi procession in Aoshima this week-end. I did not expect their next move!

Today I could only go out for a 25 minutes run, but at least I got that incredible !

OjiKing team represents! 2 races with 6 teams each time : we got second (with a good time) and first, that qualified us for the finale. Again, against 6 teams and we finished third! The secret was to have a lady in our team I guess :-) 3rd among 99 teams! With no training and first time for everyone. BUT we all practice stand up paddle regularly and that is of course a good training. The winning team with also members of Surf City had strong stand up paddlers too. Funny thing : our team was awarded 10000 yens (1st team got 70000¥) 5 bottles of nihonshu and wine also! 🍷

Seagaia Miyazaki Triathlon mini report : epic waves, rainy but happy. Picture before the start with olympian and medalist Matsuda Takeshi. Little we knew I’ll finish the race just 40 sec. before him. (He swam 9 minutes faster than I though ;-) Despite having ridden the bike 3 times only this year, I placed 19/197 in my age group which is far better than expected. The flat course on the bike helped for sure. I am looking forward to next year as it was a great event. Video on my YouTube channel maybe end of the week.

Despite being from Normandy I don’t fancy at all camembert cheese but this wax camembert by @greenfix_surf smells so good I would bite into it. 😬 🇫🇷 (Not a paid commercial for the product, I just thought it was funny)

The obvious thing to do when you have only 33km of training in the legs 10 days before a triathlon is to buy an aero helmet 😂🙇 トライアスロン大会10日前に自転車のトレーニングは33キロしかないだからもちろんエアロヘルメットを買ったね。

Stepping up my game. 😎

After 2 s#iテテy days we were treated with this sunset tonight. First try at time lapse so I did some big mistakes (like you know... don’t move the camera...). Next time will be better.

My lunch break today 😁 First try holding the sony cam.

I like the diverse choices of cars in my neighbourhood. 😅

Random encounter, « it is salty » he said 😂

Sunset run with the sony FDR X 3000, incredible stabilization even while running.

Today’s training : mini personal aquathlon, 17mn swim and 20mn run. Giving my suit a taste of the pacific ocean. in :-)

Rainy season has already been here for a week or so now. When you are in the water it does not count though :-) I went for an open water swim training. 3 times to the buoy and back (thankfully) for a total of about 1500m. Good one. I surprised a couple walking on the (deserted) beach when getting out of water, they were a bit like, wtf ^_^;

Unrelated to this picture I got a good news today, my application to Long Term Resident visa has been accepted. This is quite an unusual visa that few people receive I think (I had to write a motivation letter to explain why I wanted to stay). It is not the permanent visa unfortunately but I am happy to get it. That’s what you can have when you are self-employed and divorced with no relatives in Japan. It’s only a 3 years one also despite being in my 12th year here, but that’s ok, there won’t be issue to renew it anyway. (Yes I should have applied way before to the permanent one but I did not)

Yesterday, this, somehow, happened.