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2020/11/03 , 🚴, 26.37km, 59m2s, 2m14s/km, 26.8km/h
Opened Slack and found out it was a holiday today (文化の日, culture day) and family was still sleeping so jumped on the bike for a short but pleasant autumnal ride 🍁🍂 and still ok in short bib/jersey ✌️

2020/10/29 , 🏃, 6.47km, 31m24s, 4m51s/km, 12.4km/h
Lunch run and a few snapshots of retired shops (maybe the 1st one still operating). There are a lot like this in Obi, it is at the same time charming and a bit sad. It must have been a busy area in the 50’s to 70’s.

2020/10/26 , 🚴, 11.1km, 25m59s, 2m20s/km, 25.6km/h
shot ride to pick my k-van...

2020/10/24 , 🏃, 6.12km, 30m32s, 4m59s/km, 12.0km/h
splendid weather. even warm in fact with just a cool breeze. really a perfect time to run or just be outside.

2020/10/16 , 🏃, 4.37km, 23m14s, 5m19s/km, 11.3km/h
Managed to squeeze a short jog during lunchtime. Picture : do you think the owner of this snack is trolling us?

2020/10/03 , 🏃, 5.37km, 29m7s, 5m25s/km, 11.1km/h
1st jog around our new place, Obi. not humid anymore but still hot!

2020/09/12 , 🏃, 6.2km, 33m7s, 5m21s/km, 11.2km/h
my monthly activity. recently it has only been work (which is good) and our boy Jules (even better) but my stamina level is 0 and my speed level 0.5/11. tough.

2020/08/16 , 🚴, 43.26km, 1h43m29s, 2m24s/km, 25.1km/h
That was supposed to be an easy restart but it turned out it was way more than I can chew at the moment. Back to 0. (again)

2020/08/09 , 🏃, 6.19km, 32m23s, 5m14s/km, 11.5km/h
1ere activité physique du mois. pas facile avec un nouveau job et le bébé. au petit trot. évidemment super chaud et humide. mais ça fait du bien!

2020/07/12 , 🏃, 6.24km, 33m33s, 5m23s/km, 11.2km/h
1st jog in a month. In the mean time rain season hit us hard (no issue here though). I also gain some KOP (king of pampers) and started lifting regularly some weight, about 3.5kg ;-)

2020/06/13 , 🏃, 6.58km, 32m17s, 4m54s/km, 12.2km/h
running my course counterclockwise for once.

2020/06/11 , 🏃, 6.29km, 30m16s, 4m49s/km, 12.5km/h
«running in the rain 🌧 🎶» the bgm for the next 30 days or so.

2020/06/08 , 🚴, 16.74km, 54m15s, 3m14s/km, 18.5km/h
t-shirt ride du soir. easy gear.

2020/06/07 , 🚴, 38.97km, 1h30m14s, 2m19s/km, 25.9km/h
up and down. superbe road, smooth, with more or less steep parts. found an empty camp gound and maybe a place to swim...

2020/06/05 , 🏃, 6.65km, 34m21s, 5m10s/km, 11.6km/h
we had rain for a couple of days but today is splendid weather. pics from off the path secret spot 😎

2020/05/30 , 🏃, 12.43km, 1h15m18s, 6m03s/km, 9.9km/h
back to the waterfall of inohae, it was a little while. Impressions en Français ici : !

2020/05/29 , 🚴, 10.28km, 32m8s, 3m08s/km, 19.2km/h
Short t-shirt ride. Wood industry is huge in Miyazaki, we can spot sawmills a little bit everywhere.

2020/05/28 , 🚴, 16.62km, 56m35s, 3m24s/km, 17.6km/h
t-shirt 👕 ride du soir. des hortensias comme en Bretagne!

2020/05/25 , 🏃, 8.3km, 42m24s, 5m06s/km, 11.8km/h
tsuyu almost here

2020/05/20 , 🏃, 8.47km, 41m45s, 4m56s/km, 12.2km/h
felt low on energy, made it shorter than planned.

2020/05/17 , 🚴, 10.17km, 37m30s, 3m41s/km, 16.3km/h
t-shirt ride en quasi roue libre. un peu de fraîcheur le long de la rivière