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2019/07/09 , 🏃, 9.31km, 44m46s, 4m49s/km, 12.5km/h
2 times 5k prog. In the rain.

2019/07/07 , 🏃, 4.95km, 26m12s, 5m17s/km, 11.3km/h
weird weather, super humid, kind of chilly on the beach. not the usual july

2019/07/06 , 🏃, 5.18km, 24m38s, 4m46s/km, 12.6km/h
Short but humidity and heat had the best of me. That a loop from and to the local onsen in Takaharu.

2019/07/04 , 🏃, 8.06km, 39m25s, 4m53s/km, 12.3km/h
Going anti-clockwise for once ...

2019/07/03 , 🏃, 8.11km, 39m7s, 4m50s/km, 12.4km/h
1st run after last w-e 22k. And a few days of heavy rains. Feeling ok.

2019/06/30 , 🏊, 919m, , ,
Open Water Swim in ... not clear water ...

2019/06/29 , 🏃, 21.89km, 1h55m22s, 5m16s/km, 11.4km/h
Half-marathon by myself, under the rain and in flooded path because why not...

2019/06/26 , 🏃, 9.1km, 45m22s, 4m59s/km, 12.0km/h
Despite heat and humidity, tried to unleash the kraken for 5k. That was tough. Back home very easy with a splash in the ocean before.

2019/06/25 , 🏃, 9.65km, 52m19s, 5m25s/km, 11.1km/h
Going on purpose slow feels almost as tiring as normal run... weird.

2019/06/23 , 🏃, 8.11km, 39m45s, 4m54s/km, 12.2km/h
Perfect weather for running but not feeling great though. Lacking energy

2019/06/19 , 🏃, 8.07km, 40m16s, 4m59s/km, 12.0km/h
Comfortable pace. Not too hot but still, feels very satisfying to jump in the sea afterwards.

2019/06/15 , 🏃, 12.52km, 1h15m, 5m59s/km, 10.0km/h
Inohae valley trail. Perfect weather. Good run.

2019/06/10 , 🏃, 8.15km, 43m29s, 5m20s/km, 11.2km/h
Easy one. Recovery pace. Different route for once.

2019/06/09 , 🏃, 10.62km, 51m14s, 4m49s/km, 12.4km/h
Afternoon Run

2019/06/04 , 🏃, 7.79km, 37m42s, 4m50s/km, 12.4km/h
Pretty hot today so night run in darkness.

2019/06/02 , 🏃, 8.17km, 39m51s, 4m53s/km, 12.3km/h
Tempo pace for 5.5k and then easy.

2019/05/28 , 🏃, 8.2km, 39m4s, 4m46s/km, 12.6km/h
I was not motivated for this one but now I passed 100k this month.

2019/05/26 , 🏃, 8.33km, 44m22s, 5m20s/km, 11.3km/h
Easy jog to start the week. A bit on the sand. Cool weather.

2019/05/24 , 🏃, 9.45km, 45m29s, 4m49s/km, 12.5km/h
Comfortable pace then just last km in progressive acceleration.

2019/05/22 , 🏃, 6.47km, 31m32s, 4m53s/km, 12.3km/h
Kind of aquathlon tonight : surfing + running :-) A new type of block session ?

2019/05/21 , 🏃, 10.91km, 53m17s, 4m53s/km, 12.3km/h
Going easy and a bit longer.