2018/10/30 , 🚴, 27.94km, 1h10m56s, 2m32s/km, 23.6km/h
Climb felt good then 2 punctures on the rear... 15k back on a flat... my poor rim... thankfully great weather.

2018/10/28 , 🏃, 2.97km, 21m, 7m04s/km, 8.5km/h
Afternoon Run

2018/10/28 , 🚴, 37.25km, 1h14m21s, 2m00s/km, 30.1km/h
Short but intense. Super strong wind.

2018/10/27 , 🏃, 8.56km, 39m39s, 4m38s/km, 13.0km/h
Tempo. Strong NE 💨 wind. A bit faster in the end.

2018/10/24 , 🏊, 2350m, 55m, 2m20s/100m, 2.6km/h
Lunch Swim at ABC Swimming

2018/10/24 , 🏃, 7.46km, 44m30s, 5m58s/km, 10.1km/h
Recovery run with Adam

2018/10/21 , 🏃, 21.23km, 1h39m17s, 4m41s/km, 12.8km/h
Aya Half-marathon race. Beautiful and tough! I was in my targeted goal until the 14th and then it went downhill. Battled to finish with no energy the last 5k.

2018/10/21 , 🏃, 0.67km, 4m26s, 6m39s/km, 9.0km/h
Warm up 1

2018/10/19 , 🏃, 7.32km, 53m54s, 7m22s/km, 8.2km/h
Easy jog walk with Adam

2018/10/18 , 🏊, 1700m, 45m, 2m39s/100m, 2.3km/h
Lunch swim focus on technic

2018/10/17 , 🏃, 8.58km, 42m32s, 4m57s/km, 12.1km/h
Not pushing

2018/10/16 , 🏊, 2200m, 50m, 2m16s/100m, 2.6km/h
Lunch Swim

2018/10/15 , 🏃, 14.43km, 1h14m56s, 5m12s/km, 11.6km/h
30 mn jog walk with Kanae then 51mn tempo.

2018/10/14 , 🏄, , 1h15m, ,
Morning surf at Kisaki beach. Good core training. 1st since July because of an elbow injure. All is all right now.

2018/10/13 , 🚴, 53.15km, 1h57m3s, 2m12s/km, 27.2km/h
A good ride too. 30mn easy then climbing, hard in the end. Then back to tempo with few accelerations.

2018/10/12 , 🏃, 13.12km, 1h54s, 4m38s/km, 12.9km/h
That was a very good one. 6 Long intervals 3 at easy tempo and 3 at fast tempo but in control. and felt great with still energy at the end.

2018/10/10 , 🏊, 2100m, 50m, 2m23s/100m, 2.5km/h
Lunch swim at ABC Swimming.

2018/10/09 , 🏃, 6.08km, 28m53s, 4m45s/km, 12.6km/h
Short one in the night. 5k prog. Then last easy.

2018/10/08 , 🏊, 700m, 11m, 1m34s/100m, 3.8km/h
Open water swim. No suit needed yet. Used fins on way back. Snorkeling around the island in between.

2018/10/07 , 🏃, 3.07km, 21m38s, 7m02s/km, 8.5km/h
Jog with Kanae. Her first since March.

2018/10/07 , 🏊, 700m, 12m, 1m43s/100m, 3.5km/h
Open Water Swim - Go and back to Kojima - Hand Paddle