End of grape harvest season here. We helped my in laws to uncover the green house and picked the last grapes :-)

2014/09/18 , 🏃, 7.92km, 38m40s, 4m53s/km, 12.3km/h
Easy one before the night

2014/09/20 , 🚴, 39.36km, 1h19m37s, 2m01s/km, 29.7km/h
Shorty to onsen

This morning we did our first paraglide "flights". Here is @machayokan at her 3rd try! This initiation was better than I thought except for the part when we had to climb the dune each time to the start carrying the paraglide :-)

2014/09/22 , 🚴, 57.43km, 1h51m37s, 1m57s/km, 30.9km/h
Windy Morning Ride

Yoohoo! Christmas is super early this year!!! Thank you @planetxbikes for the great sale and customer support ! Taiwan 70.3 , here I come !

Like yesterday, working from AQ's office, I like to start "early", no one in the office, feels like it's all for me! Ha!

Taking the relay from @csbriere at Rapha Cycle Club :-)

2014/09/28 , 🚴, 46.21km, 1h26m44s, 1m53s/km, 32.0km/h
Good Morning Ride

2014/09/30 , 🚴, 64.14km, 2h2m18s, 1m54s/km, 31.5km/h
Morning Ride - perfect weather

2014/10/02 , 🏃, 5.58km, 25m17s, 4m32s/km, 13.2km/h
Pre breakfast Morning Run

2014/10/04 , 🚴, 43.51km, 1h23m54s, 1m56s/km, 31.1km/h
Rain, wind, intervals

2014/10/05, Kurashiki Triathlon Race Report


2014/10/05 ,
Kurashiki Triathlon Finish - 2014


2014/10/05 ,
Kurashiki Triathlon 2014- finish 2


2014/10/05 ,
Kurashiki bike course from the bus

2014/10/07 , 🏃, 6.39km, 27m47s, 4m21s/km, 13.8km/h
Morning Run - found a dog on the way, police asked us to keep it until the owner shows up...

50 years ago on this day started the Tokyo Summer Olympics. That was a good choice. Next Tokyo Olympics will take place in the middle of summer which is really stupid.

Found this dude 4 days ago while I was running (and caught a cold in the process while talking with the police). We could not find its owner yet, still looking for.

Despite a superbe weather I can't ride because of a cold which sucks as I should be training for Taiwan half-ironman in 3 weeks. But at least I can finish to build my new dream bike. It's going to be awesome. @planetxbikes exocet 2 frame, TokyoWheel Epic, ProfileDesign at the front and bottle cage, ISM Adamo saddle and Ultegra Shimano.

And Taro is back to its owners after 8 days! Glad they can be together again but we got used to him in a week and so are a bit samishii (sad). Maybe I will pick him sometimes for a walk :-)